Top Horse Race Betting Systems You Should Try


Horse racing betting systems are a great way to earn money, especially if you know how to use them. It is vital to find out what’s going on in live horse racing SG so you can decide which bet to place. A solid system for determining which horses to bet on can help you win more often. 

Horse racing has many great opportunities to provide you with profit because of its competitive nature. Here are some of the horse race betting systems you can try:

Laying the favourite

Laying the favourite is a betting strategy popular among punters. It can be an excellent way to win if you know what you’re doing in Singapore horse racing live today. However, you need to be careful with this type of strategy.

You can only use it for some races. The best time to try it is at Group 1 races. These are races where the odds are usually low, and the statistics are easier to find.

Learning how to read the market to make it work would be better. It involves studying race terms and understanding how the market works.


A trifecta betting system is a way of placing three horses in order of finishing. You are guaranteed to win the bet if you have picked them correctly. This is a great way to earn big profits with very little money. But it can also cost you a lot of money if you pick the wrong combinations.

The first thing you want to do is to choose your horses carefully. When you pick your trifecta, you have to think about the past performances of the horses. You should ditch them if they have been in slow or non-winning races.


Exacta betting is one of the most popular betting types among online punters. It requires picking the first and second horses to finish in a race. Most punters favor this type of bet because it is straightforward to understand.

Furthermore, it is usually more expensive than other exotic bets. The cost is determined by multiplying the number of horses in the second position. A high number of horses in the second position will increase the bet cost, and the prize pool is typically larger.

To know more about horse race betting systems for beginners, here is an infographic from CM2Bet



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