Do Fantasy sports lead Indian adults toward No Minimum Deposit And Withdrawal gambling?


Since 2019, many industries In India have shut down and many new ones have emerged, one among them is the fantasy sports business, which has gained immense growth in terms of its audience as well as its infrastructure. In 2022, Demonetization has already given industries a new perspective in terms of how to carry out their business. Every household had smartphones and access to the internet, which gave rise to new consumers; from a business perspective, it was going to get more and more traffic. Fantasy sport is something that got a huge edge at this point and got great popularity. Popular sports in India also helped this business to achieve good numbers. Cricket in India has great importance and when fantasy sports gave chance to people to make their team and earn money using their knowledge about the sport (cricket), it got bombed and people started liking it. It surpassed all the limits of the profit they had ever seen yet, and from then on it kind of became a culture for all the cricket fans in India to play fantasy sports when the cricket league is going on

  • What is a fantasy sport 

Fantasy sport is nothing but a game of prediction, where the Participants watch the real game and analyse which player will be beneficial for them, and based on that they choose the player in their team. Choosing the player and making the team is done online on a website or application. Then the performance based on the real game of their chosen player is converted into points and then the points get converted into money, which the participant can transect from their fantasy account to the real bank account. Find which online casino is best in india! Uncover top-notch gaming, exclusive bonuses, and trusted platforms to choose the best online casino for an unparalleled gambling experience.

  • What is gambling or betting and does fantasy sport come under it?

Firstly, ฝากถอนไม่มีขั้นต่ำ(No minimum deposit and withdrawal) is something in which you bet on the outcome of a race or any particular event. On the other hand, a fantasy sport is something in which you choose the team using all the players who are going to play the match or event (including both teams). It tests the knowledge, passion as well as skill of your game. There is a higher chance of luck in the process of gambling/betting but in the case of fantasy leagues, it depends on your knowledge about the game. How much you know and how much right you know the game is the case with fantasy sports. Hence considering fantasy sports as gambling is not fair but yeah there is a slight chance of an element of risk.


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