Our Staff

Our staff has been hand selected for their ability to care for and entertain our guest. Our staff are both CPR and First Aid certified to ensure the safety of everyone. We encourage our staff to let their personality shine while helping to facilitate our guest have the best experience they can.
Dynamic Play Sudio, Fishhalk, Lithia
Casey (Founder)

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets

Sweet or Sour: Sour

Beach or Pool: Beach

Favorite Disney Movie: Moana

John (Co-Founder)
John Site Pic.jpg

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Sport: Hockey

Xbox or PlayStation: Xbox

Favorite Area: Fishhawk Square, Lithia

Dog or Cat: Dog


Favorite Music Group: The 1975

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

City or Country: City

Summer or Winter: Summer

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman: Sure


Apple or Android: Apple

Favorite Sports Team: L.A. Lakers 

Favorite Subject in School: Lunch

Pizza or Nuggies: Pizza

Do you know Samantha: Does not Know Samantha


Toy Story or Nemo: Nemo

Favorite Style of Music: Ed Shareen

ketchup or Mustard: Ketchup

Favorite Disney Princess: Bell

Potato or Carrot: Potato


Favorite Toy: Mr. Unicorn 

Dine In or Delivery: Dine In 

Favorite Parent: The Dad

Ninja or Pirates: Dragons

Favorite Snack: Cheetos