About Us


The Dynamic PLAY is...

Founded in February of 2020, The Dynamic PLAY is an indoor play studio focused on using expertly curated, scaled down versions of places visited with children daily. These scaled stations are versions of every day places visited allows children to use dramatic play to build upon their social skills, imaginations and fine tune their motor skills.

In The Dynamic PLAY’s scaled down stations you will find a doctor’s office, farmers market, construction site, engineering/draftsman’s station, house, fire station, and salon/barber shop. The Dynamic PLAY also features a Crawlers zone for the littlest of guest to explore in a safe space while engaging with toys for tummy time and dexterity practice.

The Dynamic PLAY was founded by Casey and Olivia Warych, The Dynamic Duo. As a new mom with an extensive education and childcare background, Casey was frustrated with trying to find a clean safe environment to take Olivia to have fun while still having an educational value away from the Florida sun and unpredictable weather.

Upcoming Events:
FIT4MOM Birthday Party 9/25/2020

10 am - 11:30 am