​"We don't have to do it alone. We were never meant to". Brene Brown
Munchkins & Momma's ​

This club is intended to bring moms together in an environment where we can come together in a safe place while giving us the opportunity to talk about more than Peppa The Pig and Lego's. The environment will allow for the discussion and ventilation of every day issues and for moms to seek advice from others within the group that may have been in a similar situation. Our moms club will plan public outings and play dates with and without our children. 

The Dynamic Dads

The Dynamic Dads is a club focused on bringing dads together around the common aspect of their life that is their child(s). To be a dynamic dad one does not have to be the best father, but they have to be trying their best. In this group we will focus on taking care of the mental health aspect of being a father. As a club, we will do activities with and without our children, be able to ask for advice from our peer dads, and share some of the struggles that we may be having. This is intended to help all dads not only grow to be a better dad, but a better spouse and person. 

The Founders Club​ (Fishhawk)

The Founders Club is a club for the first 50 people to join on the best deal that The Dynamic PLAY has to offer. For $99/month (plus tax) your child will receive 10 play sessions each month, first opportunity for special events, and the parent will receive a Dynamic T-Shirt. When a spot becomes available, the next person at the top of the waiting list will be given the opportunity to join. 

The New Parents Club​

The New Parents Club is just like what it sounds like. Intended for new, first time parents, or expecting parents. This club will meet to interact with other new or expecting parents and share their experiences, ask for advise from peer parents, and discuss infant parenting techniques. While there is no 100% right answer for any parenting question, this may be an opportunity to learn something new. 

Guest visits from Lactation Consultants, Baby Sleep Specialist, etc.